Castel di Poggio and Vincigliata - picture by Alessandro Goracci

The sun speaks to us with the light,

with the scent and color speaks the flower,

with clouds, snow and rain speaks the air.


What we find of unexplained

becomes clear and simple in the poem:

the flower smiles, the cloud rains

the world has a meaning, what is silent speaks.

Hermann Hesse

It is now consolidated the view that the design and implementation of green spaces of any structure require specific professional skills.

Studio naturaProgetto was born in 1986 in order to devote himself exclusively to the design of green areas.

From building the factory, from school to the hospital, the private home to the sports facilities, the relationship between architecture and landscape raises from time to time technical and aesthetic issues to be resolved with a correct environmental view penalty depletion of the general layout.

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